Dreamforce 16

Dreamforce 16 was great! Enjoyed the speakers and level/project appropriate sessions on salesforce dev-team development, org pruning and merging, and continuous integration using Jenkins and Apex Unit (which I'm excited to use soon). Met up with HEDA folks in the Higher Ed area for some productive conversation and looking forward to the next time with them.

Dreamforce 2015

This was my third Dreamforce and it was awesome again. Thanks Salesforce for putting on a great conference where I could not only learn but also share my work as a presenter!

Here is a link to the Dreamforce 15 YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMSfoJzq24tEKNfdB4GaIqg

And a link to the session that I presented:



CV Transit 2.2 Released!

CV Transit 2.2 is now available in the app store! With this update, the bus is found more quickly than ever. I would also like to thank everyone for another best week! This week topped last week's sales and updates. Thanks for using CV Transit and Corvallis Public Transit Services! Get it today at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cv-transit/id673760314?mt=8


CV Transit version 2.2 awaiting review in App Store, best week ever!

CV Transit has just had its best week ever! Thank you for riding the bus Corvallis! This week also brought some snowy weather our way, and I got a chance to field test version 2.2 in snow conditions. There were a couple of behaviors that I noticed. The first is that when a detour was in process, the ETAs for bus stops that were skipped were always 'red' meaning they didn't have an ETA for the bus in the next thirty minutes. So, paying attention to the ETAs on the route can help you see when a detour is going to affect your bus stop.


Selenium for Automated Web UI Testing

An introduction to Selenium was a surprise bonus for me that I got out of attending Dreamforce '14 in San Francisco. Since then, I have had my team put together an infrastructure to deploy a "Selenium" project to add to our salesforce project infrastructure. This allows us to create a Selenium project and run it via Eclipse. The tests are created in the Selenium IDE, and exported to Java. These are used in JUnit tests and executed with Webdriver.


Financial Force - fflib libraries for Separation of Concerns

After having used these fflib libraries ( https://github.com/financialforcedev/df12-apex-enterprise-patterns ) in a few projects, I have to take a moment to recommend them. If you are doing salesforce development (hear apex custom coding), get these libraries and utilize them, use the naming conventions, and you will have better results. Code will be more organized, readable, and bugs easier to find.


CV Transit 2.0 Released!

Screen Shot of CV Transit 2.0 new feature in action

CV Transit 2.0 was a significant upgrade from the previous version. Not only were there changes in the fundamental way that the transit data was utilized, but now the bus's location is shown on the map. I worked hard on this version during the "great snow" event we had in December here in Corvallis, Oregon. We got about eight inches of snow and the world came to a halt. Schools were closed and nothing was normal. This included the bus system, which could be running over an hour late.


Update to CV Transit under review

I uploaded version 1.1 of my CV Transit app last night! It is my first update to CV Transit, and I was rewarded in the morning with the best sales day CV Transit has ever seen on the day before. I have been having a lot of fun making the app better and more robust, and I'm really glad that I chose a simple design / concept for my first app in the app store. Even as simple as it is, there are design challenges and edge cases to consider.


Software Projects

I have had the opportunity to work on many different projects over the past few months, and I have to remark on how different they all are! Not only do I have different customers, but also different platforms, programming languages, IDEs, as well as client/server and cloud work mixed in. I've been having fun though, and there have been those quirks that at the time I think - I could write a post about that... Not only that, but I have been doing Scrum exclusively and using the new TFS 2012 to glue it all together.



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