CV Transit 2.0 Released!

Screen Shot of CV Transit 2.0 new feature in action

CV Transit 2.0 was a significant upgrade from the previous version. Not only were there changes in the fundamental way that the transit data was utilized, but now the bus's location is shown on the map. I worked hard on this version during the "great snow" event we had in December here in Corvallis, Oregon. We got about eight inches of snow and the world came to a halt. Schools were closed and nothing was normal. This included the bus system, which could be running over an hour late. Unfortunately, the buses only come once an hour in some places, so that meant that the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) provided by the transit system went really wonky. For me, and uses of CV Transit, that meant that the time on the bus stop's ETA was really off; so off, that I missed the bus about three times as I relied on my app to get me to the bus stop on time, while I waited in the warm coffee shop.

In order to provide more information to the user and therefore more belief in the ETA provided by the system, I added an "intelligent" bus location system to CV Transit. Now, when you load a bus route's live map, if the bus is on the route, the bus's location will be displayed on the map. So, now, users can check where the bus is and time their arrival at the bus stop to match. This has been useful to see some quirks in the ETA system that I will work to accommodate in future versions. But for now, have fun riding the bus and not waiting too long in the cold or rain. And let me know what you think!