CV Transit 2.2 Released!

CV Transit 2.2 is now available in the app store! With this update, the bus is found more quickly than ever. I would also like to thank everyone for another best week! This week topped last week's sales and updates. Thanks for using CV Transit and Corvallis Public Transit Services! Get it today at:

Some users have expressed confusion on how to get to the live map. In order to view the live map, you must tap the red bus icon on the map's row. And here is the missing legend:

- Red Pin: Bus for this route not estimated to arrive in the next 30 minutes.
- Green Pin: Bus for the displayed route is estimated to arrive in the next 30 minutes.
- Purple Pin: Pins start out purple - this means no information is available for this bus stop - yet.
All pins (regardless of color) represent bus stops on the route for the displayed bus route. Tapping on a pin will display the ETA for the displayed route for that bus stop. A tap also causes the ETA information to update. Pin colors are updated only when the map is moved/updated by the user. The bus, however, will move on the map without user interaction. Although the bus stop pin's color is not updated, the ETA is updated regardless of user interaction with the map.

The bus location is displayed with a small black and white bus icon that is placed on the map when the bus location is calculated. The bus location is a best guess given the ETA data for the bus stops on the route. If all of the pins on the map are red, then no bus location will be presented. If some are green and others are red, look near the transition from green to red and the bus may be nearby. The bus location will be continuously updated regardless of user interaction with the map.

The user's location is displayed with the familiar blue dot on the map.

Hope that helps, and in a future update to the app, I should be able to get this information included. Until next time, happy bus catching!