CV Transit version 2.2 awaiting review in App Store, best week ever!

CV Transit has just had its best week ever! Thank you for riding the bus Corvallis! This week also brought some snowy weather our way, and I got a chance to field test version 2.2 in snow conditions. There were a couple of behaviors that I noticed. The first is that when a detour was in process, the ETAs for bus stops that were skipped were always 'red' meaning they didn't have an ETA for the bus in the next thirty minutes. So, paying attention to the ETAs on the route can help you see when a detour is going to affect your bus stop. The second thing I noticed was not as nice - this time for route 5, the ETAs were not being updated correctly. I know this because I was sitting in a coffee shop (coffee culture on kings) when I saw the 5 go by. This was not on the map. When I caught it on the way back, and we made it to the downtown terminal, I heard the bus driver say that it would be the route 5 again, and then the 6 afterwards. I figure that the bus ETA and the actual buses were out of sync. So, remember to use your head in bad weather! The buses ETA system is not always right. On the other hand, I heard that the bus system wasn't running, but I knew it was since I looked at CV Transit!

This new version brings a new look, and faster bus location process. The bus is now located with every ETA update, and so the bus appears right away. I am now able to leverage the bus stop ordering on the route, and this is what allows the bus to be located more quickly. I also squashed a crashing bug on location of the bus. The app is now much more stable because of that fix. As usual, I love to hear feed back.

If you don't already have it, and you ride the bus in Corvallis, get CV Transit today.