Update to CV Transit under review

I uploaded version 1.1 of my CV Transit app last night! It is my first update to CV Transit, and I was rewarded in the morning with the best sales day CV Transit has ever seen on the day before. I have been having a lot of fun making the app better and more robust, and I'm really glad that I chose a simple design / concept for my first app in the app store. Even as simple as it is, there are design challenges and edge cases to consider.

I am hopeful that this version makes it through the app store. Version 1.0 was rejected due to metadata related to the images. Since I didn't change the metadata, I'm hoping that this will sail through the review process, and hit the store soon.

There is a new feature that I'm excited to add next, and I'll have to coordinate with the Corvallis Transit service a bit to get it done. When that version is released, I'll drop a note here to talk about the new features and any challenges that I faced on the way.

Thanks goes out to all the Oregon State University students who are new to town and would like an app for the local bus system. I'm glad to make public transportation easier in Corvallis. Try out CV Transit, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cv-transit/id673760314?mt=8, and ride the bus system that is supported by the community!