Developer Corner

Welcome to the Developer Corner on
In this area of the website, you'll find articles related to software engineering, programming and workplace application of development practices. Look for regular articles on current events, programming tips and ideas as I push through the mobile development learning curve and see how that relates to my workplace experiences.

Dan has experience in start to finish product development. From requirements gathering to maintaining release cycles, Dan has been a full participator. See his linked in page for more details and work history.

Mobile Development
As far as mobile application development goes, this site will focus on iOS programming, with attention on getting started with iPad and iPhone development - and how these relate to real world business applications.

Open Source Projects
Open Source has paid a large part in Dan Vega's education but since leaving school, he has had less opportunities to work in open source. Projects of interest include Drupal and the LAMP stack - and using those for e-commerce and marketing in a user friendly setup.

Web Development
Dan Vega has web development projects currently under way, including this website. Look for articles related to Drupal and web development in general as these sites progress through their life cycle.