Email down, then up again over weekend

There I was having a great time at Willamette Startup Weekend, #willsup, and my personal email address, dan (at) quit working! Of course, I have other email addresses that I could use over the weekend, and late one night, I made a ticket where my forwarder was set-up. It said something like - "hey support, my email forwarder doesn't work any more and I checked the settings (that had not changed in a year...) and they looked fine, so I'm writing support for assistance."


Politics, non-profits, teaching, software engineering, and start-ups

There are several topics that I find myself interested in lately. I have had some time to think about how to help the world, and at the same time earn a living and enjoy life as much as possible along the way. Politics, non-profits, and teaching come to mind as possible areas to investigate.

Watched iOS Lectures 5-18

I really recommend these lectures to anyone that is trying to learn iOS programming. They are well done, the instructor is clear, and the code works. With the release of iOS 6, some of the code doesn't run as it used to, but it isn't too much of a stretch to get it up to iOS 6.


Watched iOS Lectures 2-5

Another 4 iOS lectures done. The first two (lectures 2 and 3) covered objective-c as well as a demo of a first application - a reverse polish notation calculator.

This was a really easy demo to follow, and the RPN calculator was an easy program to duplicate on my own! Objective-C is making more sense than it used to, thankfully ;-). The program involved dragging out buttons onto the view and connecting them up to the controller as well as implementing each button's action.


Watched: iPad and iPhone Application Development Lecture #1

I began reviewing iOS development - from the top. Watched lecture #1 on iTunes University. The class is provided by Stanford University from the Fall 2011 term. The professor is Paul Hegarty who is a clear speaker that clearly has a handle on the material. This lecture had notes on Model/View/Controller and an introduction to Objective-C. It was good to see this stuff again with renewed focus. I'm looking at the next 10 days to finish the course. Wish me luck!


Website Content and Auto Tweeting To Announce New Web Content

The tweet, auto-generated.

Two things become increasingly clear:

1. Twitter is here to stay.
Twitter has become an embedded option in so many applications, I think that folks will start expecting it. Since "printing" is on the way out, and "tweeting" is on the way in, maybe we should switch the shortcut assignment of CTRL-P from print to tweet.


Module Added: Taxonomy Menu

After setting up the website and theme. I wanted a way to get the taxonomy to show - that is add a block for categories of content for the home page. Although I like the thought of Tagadelic, there was no stable Drupal 7 release for it. So, instead I went with Taxonomy Menu. This should work well for this site.



Today the website, hosting, design, themes, and more were GA-ed. That is, released for General Availability. Here are a few details about our goals for the website.


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