CV Transit 2.2 Released!

CV Transit 2.2 is now available in the app store! With this update, the bus is found more quickly than ever. I would also like to thank everyone for another best week! This week topped last week's sales and updates. Thanks for using CV Transit and Corvallis Public Transit Services! Get it today at:


CV Transit version 2.2 awaiting review in App Store, best week ever!

CV Transit has just had its best week ever! Thank you for riding the bus Corvallis! This week also brought some snowy weather our way, and I got a chance to field test version 2.2 in snow conditions. There were a couple of behaviors that I noticed. The first is that when a detour was in process, the ETAs for bus stops that were skipped were always 'red' meaning they didn't have an ETA for the bus in the next thirty minutes. So, paying attention to the ETAs on the route can help you see when a detour is going to affect your bus stop.


CV Transit 2.0 Released!

Screen Shot of CV Transit 2.0 new feature in action

CV Transit 2.0 was a significant upgrade from the previous version. Not only were there changes in the fundamental way that the transit data was utilized, but now the bus's location is shown on the map. I worked hard on this version during the "great snow" event we had in December here in Corvallis, Oregon. We got about eight inches of snow and the world came to a halt. Schools were closed and nothing was normal. This included the bus system, which could be running over an hour late.


Update to CV Transit under review

I uploaded version 1.1 of my CV Transit app last night! It is my first update to CV Transit, and I was rewarded in the morning with the best sales day CV Transit has ever seen on the day before. I have been having a lot of fun making the app better and more robust, and I'm really glad that I chose a simple design / concept for my first app in the app store. Even as simple as it is, there are design challenges and edge cases to consider.


Watched iOS Lectures 5-18

I really recommend these lectures to anyone that is trying to learn iOS programming. They are well done, the instructor is clear, and the code works. With the release of iOS 6, some of the code doesn't run as it used to, but it isn't too much of a stretch to get it up to iOS 6.


Watched iOS Lectures 2-5

Another 4 iOS lectures done. The first two (lectures 2 and 3) covered objective-c as well as a demo of a first application - a reverse polish notation calculator.

This was a really easy demo to follow, and the RPN calculator was an easy program to duplicate on my own! Objective-C is making more sense than it used to, thankfully ;-). The program involved dragging out buttons onto the view and connecting them up to the controller as well as implementing each button's action.


Watched: iPad and iPhone Application Development Lecture #1

I began reviewing iOS development - from the top. Watched lecture #1 on iTunes University. The class is provided by Stanford University from the Fall 2011 term. The professor is Paul Hegarty who is a clear speaker that clearly has a handle on the material. This lecture had notes on Model/View/Controller and an introduction to Objective-C. It was good to see this stuff again with renewed focus. I'm looking at the next 10 days to finish the course. Wish me luck!


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