Software Engineering

Financial Force - fflib libraries for Separation of Concerns

After having used these fflib libraries ( ) in a few projects, I have to take a moment to recommend them. If you are doing salesforce development (hear apex custom coding), get these libraries and utilize them, use the naming conventions, and you will have better results. Code will be more organized, readable, and bugs easier to find.


Watched: iPad and iPhone Application Development Lecture #1

I began reviewing iOS development - from the top. Watched lecture #1 on iTunes University. The class is provided by Stanford University from the Fall 2011 term. The professor is Paul Hegarty who is a clear speaker that clearly has a handle on the material. This lecture had notes on Model/View/Controller and an introduction to Objective-C. It was good to see this stuff again with renewed focus. I'm looking at the next 10 days to finish the course. Wish me luck!


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