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Financial Force - fflib libraries for Separation of Concerns

After having used these fflib libraries ( https://github.com/financialforcedev/df12-apex-enterprise-patterns ) in a few projects, I have to take a moment to recommend them. If you are doing salesforce development (hear apex custom coding), get these libraries and utilize them, use the naming conventions, and you will have better results. Code will be more organized, readable, and bugs easier to find.


Website Content and Auto Tweeting To Announce New Web Content

The tweet, auto-generated.

Two things become increasingly clear:

1. Twitter is here to stay.
Twitter has become an embedded option in so many applications, I think that folks will start expecting it. Since "printing" is on the way out, and "tweeting" is on the way in, maybe we should switch the shortcut assignment of CTRL-P from print to tweet.


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